Emotional Agility without the Emotional Risk

An On-Demand VR Social Skills Curriculum for Neurodivergent Young Adults using Evidence Based Practices and Live Actors

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What We Do

Introducing SocialWise VR – the ultimate virtual reality Transition Success Curriculum. A groundbreaking experience that’s tailor-made for neurodivergent young adults seeking genuine social connections.

How does it work? Simple. We’ve combined live actors with real-time data reporting to create immersive virtual reality adventures like no other. 

Picture this: you’re at the center of the action, seeing through your own eyes as you interact with others in real time.

Say goodbye to awkward moments and hello to meaningful connections. With SocialWise VR, you’re not just watching – you’re participating, learning, and growing socially, all from the comfort of your own VR headset.

Join us in redefining social interaction – one virtual reality experience at a time.



We’ve merged advanced technology with behavioral therapy techniques to elevate the learning experience



Our global remote accessibility feature allows facilitators to use the application with their clients from anywhere in the world

Features and Capabilities

Our immersive VR application is coupled with an interactive narrative that allows the user to choose how they would like to respond to a series of challenges. The user can choose social, prosocial, or anti-social responses, resulting in a first-hand experience of effective or poor social interactions.

Cinematic 360° virtual experiences

Detailed analytical data reports

Online companion curriculum

Global remote accessibility

Feedback from our clients

Using SocialWise VR was like seeing a world that felt as close to a real-life social situation as I’ve ever experienced. SWVR will definitely help me learn more about social skills, and more importantly, I enjoyed the experience.


Mercyhurst University

Any program that is working with a neurodiverse population needs to take a look at SocialWise

Shawn McGill


This app will undoubtedly assist transition-aged students and young adults acquire and practicing social skills through a compelling, innovative app that engages them through technology. This is like nothing anyone has ever seen, and I'm confident that SocialWise will be a worldwide success and change the landscape of teaching critical skills.


Mercyhurst University

Taking students into a virtual reality world to teach social skills is an innovative and exciting idea! Students often tire of watching videos of social skills so becoming an active participant in a virtual reality world would provide our students with an excellent opportunity to practice their social skills independently. I'd be very eager to see what our students think about the VR world and about SocialWise.

Adam Glass

Director of BASIS at Edinboro


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